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Consistent Lead Flow

Attract more prospects who are willing to pay more for your services.

More Customers

Systematically convert more prospects into happy customers.

Greater Durability

Be ready to eat the weak and grow your business. 

Eat or Be Eaten

Feast or Famine? Right now most contractors are "feasting", but when tough times come, they won't be ready and the competition could wipe them out. 

You need to build a strong marketing and sales machine so you can weather economic storms. 

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Can You Relate to Any of These Challenges?


Do your sales suffer through seasons of "feast or famine"?


Do your marketing & sales seem complex and chaotic?


Do you close enough of your qualified leads?


Do you struggle to implement your ideas?


Do you feel like you have to babysit your team?


Are you missing out on important growth opportunities?


"StructureM took us from 10% of our leads coming from the internet to 70%"


Matt Merrifield, Lakeside Design & Renovation

Lakeside Renovation & Design



How We Help You Become More Durable

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The Growth Index

Map Out a Clear Path

The Growth Index is a unique tool that shows you exactly what steps to take in order to accelerate growth. It guides your team's time and money to the best ROI possible.



Get It Done Right

Partner with a team that passionately works day after day to execute your growth plan. You'll see more happen in a matter of weeks than you've likely seen in years.

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Know Exactly What's Going On

Use real-time dashboards, detailed monthly reports, and regular calls with your Account Strategist to stay on top of what matters most. No black boxes, just clarity.

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"We're setting goals this year that I would have never even thought possible."

John McCarter, John McCarter Construction

John McCarter



We're Easy To Work With


1. Schedule a Call

Just fill out the form or give us a call. We'll schedule a free strategy session to see how we can help. You'll get valuable tips right on the call. We can then mutually decide if it makes sense to keep talking. There's no obligation!



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2. Get Your Custom Growth Plan

Every business is different. Get a customized growth plan that's right for you, and get real help to improve the key areas of your business.


3. Build Profitable Growth

Build your business into a machine that allows you to achieve your goals faster. Experience more stability, freedom, revenue, and own a company you're confident in.

Accelerate Profitable Growth
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Real Results

"The team at StructureM has been great to work with. They have helped us experience significant growth."
Matt Merrifield
Owner, Lakeside Exteriors
"StructureM has helped me grow two of my companies. I highly recommend them."
Greg Bednarski
Owner, Siding Group
"StructureM helped me work on my business instead of feeling frustrated and bogged down."
David Edens
Owner, Edens Structural Solutions
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